Smoke BBQ Grill Bake


Kamado’s reputation for smoking is unsurpassed. Historically, as today, the only proper „Smoking“ vessel must have thick heavy ceramic walls to maintain long, low and stable heat. Smoking temperatures are considerably lower temperatures (in the 150 to 200 degrees range). These temperatures can be easily controlled by adjusting the damper to approximately ½ inch (one spin ) and the draft door „cracked“. The Kamado will retain this heat for over 12 hours without adjustment or adding fuel. You can have a hint of smoke or you can „smoke to the bone“ . Just try it. You will agree that the Kamado is the best smoker in the world.


BBQ temperatures (in the 300 degree range) are obtained and controlled by setting the damper top to approximately one inch and the draft door one half of an inch. Little or no adjustment will be required for the time that it would take to bake a 20 pound turkey, for instance. Cooking time is approximately 1/3 less because of the Kamado’s design and characteristics of ceramics. No rotisserie is ever needed for two reasons: one, the Kamado has the proper form or shape that allows excellent convection or heat circulation i.e. the engineering principle that „round is better than square“ and two there retained heat radiated from the thick heavy walls does the cooking equally from above as well as below. The whole magic of cooking in ceramics becomes apparent on your very first turkey or roast. There is just nothing like it! Guaranteed!


It is imperative for proper grilling that the cooking vessel obtain high temperatures (400 degrees and up). The emphasis is the heat in the cooking vessel, not flames. No barbecue in the world will get as hot inside as our Kamado and in many respects it is a „kiln“. You can experience searing meat from heat and not flames. Grilling temperatures can be set much higher than ordinary barbecues because excessive heat is in the ceramic walls and still no flames because there is insufficient air to create flames or flare- up.

The method suggested is:

  • Fully open the damper and draft door.
  • When inside temperature reaches and stabilizes at approximately 700 degrees
  • Place the steaks or meat on the grill,Adjust the damper top between 1 to 2 inches and the draft door 2 inches.
  • Further adjust the damper to control the temperature as desired and prevent any flames or flare up,Grilling will require the meat to be turned. (Probably 3 to 4 minutes on one side and 2 to 4 minutes on the other side.)

A little experience in temperature control (the drafts) will enable you to perfect the desired result. We suggest our external temperature gauge be considered as help in perfecting temperature control. Cooking time is much less (1/2 to 1/3) than any other appliance. For the first few times grilling it is a good idea to watch carefully to see that the temperatures are not excessive. Flames shooting out the top, for instance. If this occurs, simply spin the damper down. There will be tremendous heat remaining inside but no flames. This would be a perfect setting for unbelievable char-broiled steaks. „Char“ from heat not charred by grease flames. A remarkable culinary feat that can only be obtained by broiling in a Kamado. You will never believe it till you taste it!

What do you do if there is a „flare up“? Flare up is generally caused by grease dripping on the hot coals. This is simply controlled by turning the damper top down to a distance that prevents sufficient air flow to the firebox. In this case there is a tremendous amount of heat (retained in the walls) but not sufficient air for flames or combustion.

The Kamado is a perfect „wood fired“ oven for the best pizza’s and bread. The heavy ceramic wall mirror the old Italian pizza ovens and German bread ovens which always resulted in flavorful bread and perfect crusts.