Kamado Learning Center

The Kamado is a functional piece of yard art on the outside, and the worlds best grill on the inside!

For over 45 years we have demonstrated, and over 100,000 owners agree, that the Kamado is the „best barbecue in the world.“ That cooking in our ceramic Kamado is different and better.

Now we are pleased to present the „most beautiful barbecue in the world!“
Throughout the world…. „food cooked in ceramics look and taste different and better“. Every country and people in the world prepare their favorite foods in ceramic. There is unexplainable magic in the result of food cooked in „Dutch ovens,“ „Crock pots,“ „Bean pots,“ „Mushikamado,“ (rice), Hawaiian luau „pits,“ „Pizza ovens,“ and the Southwestern Indian Beehive oven.

Each country and people seem to have their own reason for this „magic.“ Everything from religious beliefs to secret ceramic teachings. For what ever explanation, all agree that there is something very special in the way food cooked in ceramics tastes.

We started the original manufacturing plant (in Japan), imported and sold the very first Kamado in United States. In addition, we have cooked in and researched this phenomenon since 1960. The result of this somewhat vast experience and effort, is that we can not offer the slightest scientific reason for the magic of cooking in ceramics.

Advantages of Ceramic Cookers

  • Moisture Retention – Foods do not dry out as in metal, gas or electric grills.
  • Juicier – Meats, fish and foods are juicy even after long periods of time. Overnight, for example.
  • Shrinkage – Little or no shrinkage.
  • Natural flavor – There is no metal, petroleum or gas „flavor“. There is a „brick-oven“ flavor, as the Italians call it. Try a pizza or bread and see for yourself!
  • Heat by convection – Proper heat circulation for uniform cooking requires the shape of the Kamado®. In engineering dictum, „round is better than square“ and „form follows function“
  • Heat by Radiation – The retained heat in the heavy ceramic walls does the cooking. Thin walled metal barbecues can not cook by retained heat because there is none. When the fire goes out, cooking ends!
  • Ceramic Insulation characteristics – The thick ceramic walls isolate as well as retain the heat. The exterior tile is safe to touch. These exceptional characteristics are found in ancient ceramic cooking vessels to the ceramic tile on the space shuttle.

Additional Advantages of the New Kamado

  • Durability – You can expect a lifetime(s) of continued use. There is nothing to burn out. Our modern technology and new ceramic formulas have enabled us to make a product that is unaffected by heat.
  • Further, the Kamado will withstand all weather conditions, including wind forces up to 70 mph. (Now you can cook your turkey while driving the freeway to mother’s Thanksgiving
  • Aesthetics – The Kamado is artistically tiled with the finest imported high gloss ceramic tile and our own larger hand made custom tile. The expensive material and dedicated labor costs are rewarded by a „work of art“ which will make a beautiful addition to your home or patio. You now have the opportunity to select a color to match your decor and will have a piece of functional yard art.
  • Larger – The heart wrenching problem of not enough room to stuff your turkey in your Kamado has been solved. All Kamado users know there is absolutely only one way to cook turkeys. Now you are able to bake any size turkey or roast. The grill of the #7 Kamado is 57% larger than the Japanese #5 and our #5. That is, there are 398 square inches in the Kamado #7 (22 ½ inch grill), while only 254 square inches in the #5 (18 inch grill). In addition, there is no „fire ring“ inside that further reduces size and air circulation. The grill is now supported by a ledge in the ceramic wall. Note, the fire ring was used in Japan only to hold the large rice pot and not to support a barbecue grill.
  • Spring Prop – Earlier Kamados have no mechanical or other device to assist in raising and lowering the heavy lid. The new Kamado is much larger and even heavier . The compression springs inside the prop assist in the raising and lowering of the lid. Now the lid is a ladies fingertip operation.
  • Damper Top – The damper top does not fall off and break. It now screws up and down, allowing precise temperature control through restricting the airflow.
  • Draft Door – Slides in and out easily on runners which are protected from ashes.